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    One platform for all your data needs

    Investigate, monitor, analyze and act on your data with ease for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

    Powerful technology. Outstanding results.

    Watch how Splunk customers turn data into doing.

    Unify your data on a single platform to improve:

    data accessibility data accessibility

    Data accessibility

    Access and search data from any source and across any device

    business insights business insights

    Business insights

    Share data-driven insights across your organization

    usability and collaboration usability and collaboration

    Usability and collaboration

    Remove data silos in your organization to work smarter


    Meet the technologies that will transform your business

    machine learning machine learning

    Machine Learning

    Leverage artificial intelligence in your operations 

    More insights
    Step-by-step guidance helps uncover new insights from your data.

    Breakthrough analytics
    Tackle diverse business challenges such as forecasting, predictive analytics, outlier detection and event clustering.

    Advanced capabilities
    Build models in common data science languages at scale with easy collaboration.

    machine learning product screenshot machine learning product screenshot
    collaboration and orchestration collaboration and orchestration

    Collaboration and Orchestration

    Empower users wherever they are

    View mobile-friendly dashboards and act on alerts from your mobile device to stay up to speed on your business. 

    moblie dashboard moblie dashboard
    federated search and analytics federated search and analytics

    Federated Search and Analytics

    Activate search and analytics, anywhere

    Activate search and analytics no matter where data sources are deployed: on-site, in the cloud or through a third party.  

    Daily search volume

    Global active users

    federated search and analytics product screenshot federated search and analytics product screenshot
    stream processing stream processing

    Data Streaming

    Collect, process and deliver data in milliseconds

    Expand data access and support for multicloud environments where data sprawl creeps in.

    In motion
    Perform real-time searches to detect conditions on the stream, aggregate, filter and mask.

    Stream at scale

    Act on high-volume data with millisecond latency.

    stream processing product screenshot stream processing product screenshot
    scalable index scalable index

    Scalable Index

    Ask questions of your data, on the fly

    scalable index product screenshot scalable index product screenshot
    no problem no problem

    No structure, no problem
    Ingest and index data no matter how structured it is — or isn’t.

    ask questions ask questions

    Ask questions on repeat
    A simple query language or no-code experience lets you ask questions, visualize data and schedule alerts.

    scale on demand scale on demand

    Scale on demand
    Analyze massive datasets at an unprecedented scale across any number of data sources.

    Explore the setup that's right for you.

    Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, get the same powerful technology in the cloud or on-premises.


    Tools that turn data into doing

    Extend the power of Splunk with Apps, Add-Ons, resources and more.


    Splunk App for AWS Splunk App for AWS

    Splunk App for AWS

    The Splunk App for AWS gives you critical insights into your Amazon Web Services account.

    Cisco Security Suite Cisco Security Suite

    Splunk Add-on for Cisco ASA

    The Splunk Add-on for Cisco ASA allows you to correlate Cisco ASA device data with all other security data in Splunk.

    Splunk Security Essentials Splunk Security Essentials

    Splunk? Security Essentials

    Splunk Security Essentials is the free Splunk App that makes security easier, with four key pillars to help you find the best content.


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    Click, Fulfill, Wrap, Repeat: Getting Retailers Ready for the 2020 Holiday Season

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    How to Win* at Fantasy Football With Splunk and Machine Learning

    turning data into improved indoor air quality turning data into improved indoor air quality

    A Breath of Fresh Air - Turning Data Into Improved Indoor Air Quality With Splunk


    manage hybrid and multicloud environment manage hybrid and multicloud environment

    How to Manage a Hybrid and Multicloud Environment

    ai and machine learning ai and machine learning

    AI and Machine Learning in Your Organization

    augemented reality augemented reality

    Augmented Reality: Experience Your Data in Splunk


    Fuel outcomes for IT, Security, DevOps and more.

    mars background mars background


    Mars Lands and Expands Its Data Capabilities With Splunk

    Single, comprehensive view of all data sources
    Employees self serving insights from Splunk
    uss midway background uss midway background


    USS Midway Uses Data to Steer Toward Pandemic Safety

    Ticket transactions monitored daily, providing insight into the number of visitors
    1 PB
    Of storage monitored, helping the team keep servers and devices healthy
    arlo background arlo background


    Bringing Data to Home Security and Ensuring Peace of Mind

    Devices monitored in real time
    Registered households receiving faster fixes and more reliable product performance

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