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    Diversity & Inclusion

    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Splunk

    A Million Data Points: Our Culture of Inclusion

    We Are a Million Data Points

    Splunkers Share Their Stories

    Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is critical in fulfilling our vision to deliver clarity, accelerate positive change, strengthen and lift up communities, and create a more just world. Data illuminates the path to achieve our diversity, equity and inclusion goals so that all Splunkers can feel safe and thrive.

    Our Strategy

    Our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy is built on three key pillars: growing a diverse workforce, nurturing our culture of inclusion in the workplace, and driving positive change in the marketplace for Splunkers, customers and partners.



    Our People

    We are committed to recruit, retain and develop high-performing, innovative and engaged Splunkers with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We created the DEI at Splunk Council (DISCO) to set and track progress on diversity, equity and inclusion across all functions and geographies. We have also implemented processes, tools and education to try to prevent unconscious bias across our hiring and talent recruitment processes. It has also given us a company-wide vernacular to label bias where we see it.

    our people our people
    our culture our culture


    Our Culture

    We know that Splunkers are made up of a million different data points. And we’re committed to cultivating a culture of inclusion and making Splunk a place where everyone can thrive. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide community for underrepresented groups and allies, offering support, mentoring and networking opportunities. We now have nine employee-led ERGs, including Pride, Womxn +, Veterans, Somos (Latinx), Black Employees and Mentors (BEAMs), Disabled=*True, Pilipinx, Natives, and Neurodiversity.


    In light of new and unprecedented challenges throughout 2020, we rolled out a number of initiatives for Splunkers aimed at improving their home work environments and helping them through tough times. These included greatly expanded mental health benefits, flexible work schedules, an entirely new category of additional time off, and extra, company-wide holidays. For Splunkers at home with children, we compiled numerous parent resources, including tutoring materials for high school or college-age students, and added both live and on-demand activities such as coding, dance lessons, art classes and scavenger hunts.


    Our Communities

    Our mission — to remove the barriers between data and action, so that everyone thrives in the Data Age — also includes our communities. Splunk supports organizations and initiatives that rely on data for social impact, including STEM education, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. In 2020, our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts caught the attention of the wider business community. We were truly delighted when Splunk was recognized on:


    • Fortune’s “World's Most Admired Companies 2021” list 
    • The 2021 HRC “Corporate Equality Index: Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality” 
    • Fortune’s “Best Workplaces for Women 2020” 
    • Great Place to Work’s “Best Workplaces for Parents 2020”
    our communities our communities

    Splunk Diversity Data:


    As a company that believes in bringing data to everything, we are pleased to release our second Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Annual Report that shines a light on Splunk’s diversity and Million Data Points culture. In this report, we use our own data to identify and assess what we have achieved, and what we need to do better to create an even more diverse and inclusive workplace.

    Working together to make a difference

    Splunk stands for diversity, equity and inclusion. We have always believed in mutual respect and have enthusiastically embraced different cultures and perspectives, but the global pandemic and urgent social issues have underscored the importance of continuing to promote and live those values every day.

    Doug Merritt, President & CEO, Splunk Inc.
    doug merritt doug merritt

    We are committed to each other’s success.
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