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    Thrive in the Data Age With Splunk

    Discover why 91 of the Fortune 100 use Splunk to bring data to every question, decision and action

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    Why Customers Choose Splunk
    Accelerate Your Digitization

    Splunk solutions provide everything you need to ensure your digital initiatives succeed. Whether you're just starting to digitize, or you were born in the cloud, innovate with confidence with purpose-built solutions driven by AI and machine learning.

    Ensure Business Resilience

    Empower your people to predict, identify and solve problems in real time. Answer questions across business, IT, DevOps and security functions with world-class investigative capabilities, intuitive visualizations and seamless collaboration.


    Meet the Data Opportunities of Today and Tomorrow

    Splunk’s flexible platform and purpose-built solutions scale with you as your data and organization evolve. With a thriving ecosystem of partners and services, Splunk is invested in being your long-term partner to create data-driven outcomes across your organization.

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    Drive outcomes across your organization
    Reduced downtime

    Keep mission-critical applications and infrastructure up and running

    Lower risk of data breach, IP theft and fraud

    Modernize and strengthen your cyber defenses

    Faster time to market for new apps

    Release apps faster and improve developer efficiency

    What makes the Splunk platform different?
    Splunk is the only platform that allows you to investigate, monitor, analyze and act with...
    Any Structure

    Whether structured or unstructured, Splunk is able to ingest any text-based data without requiring you to organize it first.

    Any Source

    Ingest data from anywhere — whether it's on-premises or in the cloud, from IoT devices to your point-of-sale, CRM and beyond.

    Any Timescale

    Investigate and act on data fast and seamlessly whether it's streaming now or historical.

    Any Insight

    Ask any question and leverage advanced ML/AI to get actionable insights across Security, IT, DevOps and beyond.

    Any Action

    Support a broad range of users across the business in acting on their data. Automate actions based on set playbooks or AI-driven decision-making and simplify collaborative responses across teams.

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    Enterprise-grade Expertise and Support
    professional-services- support-training professional-services- support-training
    Professional services, support and training

    Designed to help accelerate time to value. Get expert guidance, targeted response times, phone contact and access to support portals.


    passionate experts passionate experts
    Engaged community of passionate experts

    Welcome to the best community, ever. Get answers to your questions from Splunk experts or join one of our amazing user groups.


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    Vibrant ecosystem of partners and developers

    A vast ecosystem helps you focus on creating value for your organization regardless of industry or environment.


    Do More With Splunk
    From IT to Security to DevOps and beyond, Splunk enables you to take action in real time.